3D Off the Page

Why 3D Off the Page

3D Off the Page is set apart in four distinct ways by providing you faster rendering times, a simple process, increased productivity, and a clear pricing model.

Faster Rendering Times

Save time with one of 3D Off the Page’s render farm options. In a recent test, 3D Off the Page’s render farms reduced rendering times considerably. For some projects, this time savings could amount to several days.

3DTOTP Render Time Comparison

Simple Process

3D Off the Page makes the process for rendering your KeyShot files simple.

  1. 3D Off the Page sets up a secure, dedicated folder for you that includes an NDA.
  2. You upload your KeyShot files including a screenshot of the desired render settings.
  3. 3D Off the Page confirms the render settings on your render farm.
  4. After the project is rendered, 3D Off the Page uploads the files to your folder, including screenshots of the render log.

Increased Productivity

Don’t let the rendering of your files halt productivity. Rendering large files can require the entire processing power of computers or small servers. This uses valuable work hours, not to mention the time lost in just setting up and administrating the render server. Sending your KeyShot files to a 3D Off the Page render farm allows you to continue using your computer and your time to work on your next project.

Clear Pricing Model

3D Off the Page provides clear pricing options for each render farm option. For shared rendering, the fee is charged in 15-minute increments after the first hour. For dedicated rendering, the fee is charged by month, quarter, or year. We use PayPal for quick, easy payment to reserve time on your render farm quickly. Please see your render farm options for specific pricing on each.

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Because of 3DOTP I was able to deliver the three animations I promised my client by the deadline.
Rob McClloch KeyShot Forum
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